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How YOU Could Be Making Other People Wealthy Online… And You Don’t Even Know About It

You want to create wealth for yourself and your family online. So, you chose to start your own Internet business.

Being the smart individual that you are, you decided that the best course of action would be to join a program where everything was all prepared for you. You would have the products, sales letters, banners, and other materials all ready to go and produced for you by another company.

Logic, and the exciting materials produced by the company you decided to work with, convinced you that you would need to follow a proven system of success instead of trying to venture out on your own. Since something was working for one person already, you could just follow in their footsteps and do the exact same thing.

This type of reasoning is good. For most people, they should start out online by testing the waters and learning from an established and proven program. The type of training which should be provided to them will help them when they decide to expand their businesses. They will have learned what type of marketing works and how to motivate people to buy online.

So being a member of an affiliate program is a good business to be involved with. It can earn you a lot of money online, but it is not the best way to create wealth for you or your family.

You can earn money as a member of an affiliate program, but guess who is getting wealthy in the process?

That’s right. The product owner is the one who is creating wealth through the affiliate program. While you are working to make sales and earn commissions for yourself, he has thousands of people doing the exact same thing for him every day.

So although affiliate programs earn you profits and should be included in your overall Internet marketing strategy, the key to creating wealth online lies in another area.

We are about to reveal a “Secret” that most Internet marketing experts don’t want to get out to the general public, because once you understand it you really won’t need them anymore.

The simplest and easiest way for anyone to become wealthy on the Internet today is to develop their own product. Then, they will never have to rely on anyone else again to provide for the needs of them and their families.

If you are selling other people’s products, you have to live with whatever commission they have assigned to you. If you own your own product, no one can tell you how much you deserve to make from it.

If you own your own product, you can be the person who sets up the affiliate program instead of just being an affiliate member. As a product owner on the Internet, you can leverage the work of thousands of marketers who will gladly and actively promote your products for you.

Stop a moment and take a look at the most profitable businesses on the web. At least 95% of them are offering their own product or service…and then they offer affiliate programs as extra streams of income.

If the most profitable online sites are offering their own product, shouldn’t you be following their example in your business? You will if you want to be profitable.

For my own business, the day I created my own product was the turning point I needed to go full-time. I had promoted other businesses, affiliate programs, and opportunities for around 6 months. Then, around the end of the sixth month I offered my first product online.

The profits from my Internet business tripled overnight. Instead of only earning 25% of the money from my offers, I was earning 100%. My advertising costs stayed the same, but my profits went up because I was keeping more of the money.

I was able to go full-time in my Internet business almost immediately after this (within less than 30 days). Since then, I have become almost addicted to developing new products and services that will help my customers.

Once you find a system that works, follow it. For me, product development is the key to creating wealth on the Internet. Ninety-five percent of the other successful Internet marketers appear to have found out this same system works for them as well.

The main reason that most people don’t develop their own products is that they are scared it will be too difficult. All they can imagine is trying to sit down and write a 200 page book when they can’t stand to even like to write a paragraph.

What they don’t realize is that books are only one form of product that you can create. There are hundreds of different things you can do, and most of them don’t require writing.

Since the information publishing business is what I am involved with, that is what I can explain the best to you. Just in information, we have:

  • Reports
  • Audio Tapes
  • Videos
  • CD-ROMS and more…
  • The key to developing products simply and easily at home without too much expense or time involved is to choose to do things that you enjoy. Don’t force yourself into something you don’t want to do just for the money.

    After working with some of the most successful men and women on the planet I have found out a secret to success. They don’t ever do things just for the money. They do things they enjoy while making money at the same time.

    One of the most popular articles I have ever written is called “The Secret of Happiness in Life and Business” which is available online at

    The key sentence throughout that article is: “The Best Way To Produce A Lifestyle You Enjoy Is By Doing What You Love!”

    Once you become a product developer, you will be able to do the things you love while making money at the same time.

    Instead of trying to just think about “Money” projects, think about your hobbies. If you like to train pets, think about producing a pet training product. If you like to build RC cars, create something in that area. If you like to collect _____ (you could insert hundreds of words here), then do something with that.

    Figure out what you like to do and then come up with a product for people just like you. You are the one that you know the best. What types of frustrations do you encounter each day that you would be willing to pay someone to help you resolve?

    Besides choosing something you love to do, you will also have to answer two other questions before you come up with a successful project:

    1. Can you target your potential market cost effectively? Can you describe specifically who they are and where they hang out online?

    2. Are they able and willing to afford what you have to offer them?

    If you can answer those two questions, you are on your way to creating your own hot Internet product.

    Terry Dean, a 27 Year Old Indiana Farm Boy, Reveals His Secret Formula for Generating New Automatic Streams of Internet Income For Any Business In 72 Hours Or Less…Free Report:

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