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How Any Small Business Can Boost Profits Online – Even When ALL Your Customers Are Local

I talk to many local business owners here in my little hometown that tell me they want a website. When I ask why, they generally say something like, “Well, I just think we need one. Most businesses have them now.”

But realistically, if you operate a local dry cleaner, restaurant, pet shop, hair salon, lawn service insurance agency, dental or law office, why should you have your own website when all your customers/clients are from the community?

There’s only one reason… TO INCREASE SALES!

If that’s not your goal, then don’t waste your time, or your money, getting a website for your business. Period.

So how does your business make money on the global information highway when you only have local customers? Here are five easy, fool-proof strategies that will help make it happen.

Strategy #1: Get your own domain.

Just like your retail space or business office, you need to have your own “cyber real estate” to do business online. So you must own your own domain. Register the name of your business or come as close as you can if the exact name is already taken. Either way, make sure the domain name is simple, fairly short (2 or 3 words), and easy to remember. With your own domain, you can edit content and keep your site up to date, developing it from empty “land” to your own client-centered “branch location.”

Strategy #2: Use professional web design assistance.

Do you feel comfortable doing what’s necessary to produce a superior, professional, eye-catching website design? I didn’t think so! Then why would you even consider designing your own website? And worse yet, you can’t trust your web design to the lady down the street, to a college kid, or to your brother-in-law! Professional design is a necessity if you want to profit online, so don’t skimp.

Strategy #3: Grow your email list to EXPLODE sales!

What if you could reach every customer or prospect you get with the touch of a button and for a minimal cost? You can. Your website must have a listserver to make consistent sales. With a listserver, you can build a huge list of email addresses for people interested in your products and services and send unlimited non-spam messages to them.

The faster your list grows, the more people you’ll have getting your messages and responding to your offers with REAL sales. So do WHATEVER you can to capture a prospect’s email address – at the checkout counter, over the telephone, through all your printed materials, anywhere and everywhere you can.

Strategy #4: Market to your list(s) early and often!

Businesses that are making money online are doing so because they are 1) building their email list(s) and 2) using their listserver to deliver regular messages to it.

These messages can be: * a company newsletter * updates on your products and services * helpful hints and case studies, so that customers get more value from what they buy * contests, special event announcements, promotions, etc. * specials, sales, offers, discount coupons, etc.

Strategy #5: Automate your follow-up with prospects.

You make money in business with follow-up, by getting in touch with your prospects again and again and again, until they buy. The Sales Manager software enables you to do just that, by giving you the technology you need to send up to 25 automated, personalized follow-up messages within a 90-day period. Now, automatically, you will have a follow-up system working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, contacting the prospects you otherwise would have neglected and lost.

BONUS Strategy: Send automated reminders for meetings and appointments, and to renew sales.

Include reminder service software with your website if it fits your business. You can easily send automated email reminders for appointments in a professional practice, when you have meetings with prospects, or when you sell products that are reordered over and over. These reminders enhance your credibility with your prospects and clientele.

Jerry Buchs is a marketing and public relations consultant for businesses and organizations of all sizes. For a free consultation to help you profit online, call Jerry now at 440 985-2813 (ET) or mailto:webmaster@makemoremoneynow.com?subject=SmallBiz_Help To see all the details of the Custom Small Business Web Site Package, go to http://www.trafficcenter.com/smallbizpackage.cfm?id=jbuchs-4427

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