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Grow Your Subscribers Exponentially With These Javascript E-mail Capture Boxes!

Here’s an exciting pop-up tactic that can literally boost the no. of opt-ins from your existing traffic. In fact the first one to use this tactic is by the very successful list management/autoresponder tool – OptinLightning.

I love my list management tool – Aweber, and wanted to use a similar E-mail Capture box like OptinLightning to go with it.

To see exactly how this E-mail Capture box works, just visit:

Now this might be annoying to quite a few but when highly successful marketers like Terry Dean have claimed that their subscribers have increased by almost 25% from using this E-mail Capture boxes at his web site, this tactic is worth giving a try.

The only requirement you need to use this tactic for your list is that your list should have a subscribe e-mail address. Which means that someone should be able to subscribe to your list by send an e-mail.

OK, now coming back to creating the code, create a file named subscribe.js. Visit the following URL and paste the code in it to your subscribe.js file:

Upload the subscribe.js file to your web server in ASCII mode.

Here’s what this code does:

Everything that comes between ‘if (confirm(“‘ and ‘)){‘ will be displayed in the E-mail Capture box.

‘n’ is the newline character. Which means anything after ‘n’ will come in the next line. ‘nn’ means a blank line and then the next line. Simple, isn’t it?

You can change the text in the above code to reflect your newsletter and bonuses.

Now to display the E-mail Capture box in any page you like, you need to do the following.

Include the following code in the HEAD section of your html code:


Where ‘’ is the path to your subscribe.js file. You have uploaded it to your server right?

Include the following code in the BODY section of your html code:


Where ‘subscribeaddress@y…’ is the subscribe e-mail address of your list.

The above code will insert a form button in your page and so it is desirable that you insert the above code preferably at the bottom of your page.

Next, insert the following attribute in the BODY tag of your html page:


So your BODY tag will look something like this:


That’s it !!!

Please don’t install this code in all the pages of your web site. It will surely be a turn off. Use it wisely.

The only disadvantage of this E-mail Capture box is that those with their e-mail clients not configured properly, won’t be able to subscribe to your list 馃檨 Also, your visitor’s browser needs to Javascript enabled.

The MAIN ADVANTAGE of this E-mail Capture box is that you’ll get genuine e-mail addresses and not fake addresses. The people who subscribe through these E-mail Capture boxes are bound to get your newsletter!

Try it!

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