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Google Unphased by Nuclear Testing

Amid reports of a successful nuclear test by the North Korean government, Google went ahead with plans this week to launch a new R&D center on Korean soil.

After this week, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google became the second most recognized word in the world, in any language.

What’s the most recognized word? Coca-cola.

The company responded to Monday’s revelation of new North Korean nuclear testing with a Tuesday announcement outlining plans to open a new research and development facility on Korean soil.

I was told by a Google spokesperson that, “News of the recent nuclear tests do not have any impact on our decision nor our timetable for the new R&D center.”

The same source went on to add, “Google views Korea as one of the most technologically advanced markets in the world, and we would like to recruit the best Korean technical talent possible to develop innovative technologies to better serve our users locally and globally. ”

“The Korea R&D center is the latest addition to a growing number of global engineering offices, which include the UK, Israel, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, India, Russia, Australia, and the Americas.”

“At Google, we feel that there are great software engineers worldwide, and we want them to join us in delivering the best search experience for users. Continuous innovative R&D is an important underpinning in developing high quality search products.”

“Our primary goal is to recruit the highest quality technical talent in Korea, and this will be an ongoing investment as we grow our operations in Korea. ”

I have to admit, the company’s apparent lack of fear in the face of North Korean aggression inspires visions of a potential Eric Schmidt vs. Kim Jong-il steel cage deathmatch with Singapore cane rules.

With any luck, it’s being written into Master Plan 2.0 as we speak.

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