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Four Steps to Gold Prospecting

1. Find
2. Ask
3. Listen
4. Sort

You’ve heard it before. Attitude is everything. Well, guess what? That’s true. To be successful in Network Marketing, you have to take the correct attitude or posture and it starts with prospecting.

The dictionary defines “to prospect” as to explore, to search or to examine for something.

When you talk to a potential business builder, do you explore, search or examine or do you try to convince the person by telling them how good your business is and how much better it is than anyone else’s?

You’ve heard about prospecting for “gold” and the famous California “Gold Rush.” When prospecting for gold, the first thing you need to remember is to find a place where you can expect to find gold. You won’t prospect in the stream in your back yard unless your backyard lies in the middle of gold country.

Once you find the potential stream, you need to gather your tools. As a gold prospector, you would plunge your sifter into the stream and gather up a lot of muck, which you hope also contains gold.

You’ll sift through it until you find some shiny gold stuff, which might be gold, then again might not.

You separate out the real gold from the fools gold. You’ve now got one or two or three or however many nuggets of real gold.

Keep repeating the process until you’re rich.

The same procedure goes for finding those golden people.

The number 1 step to prospecting gold in Network Marketing is:


Find the gold fields. Your prospects imply gold to you. You want the golden women and men to join your business. That means, people who are serious about business opportunities.

You Can Advertise.

Unless you have a huge budget, you’re not going to advertise in general magazines, newspapers or ezines. You’ll want to go with the Business Opportunity streams.

You Can Buy Leads.

They vary in price and in quality. You can pay big bucks, like $5.00 a lead for pre-qualified individuals who have actually been called and talked with on the phone. You can also pay .50/lead for older leads that may or may not be interested.

You Can Get Free Leads.

You can put up a website and drive traffic to it and/or start an ezine. As people respond to you, they are free leads. The marketing company I work with Free Leads For Life teaches people how to do just that.

The number 2 step in successful prospecting gold in Network Marketing requires you to dig deep into your potential stream and begin to:

2. ASK

Prospecting is about them, not about you. Ask them about themselves. First of all . . .

Are they seriously looking for a business opportunity?

Do they have time to talk now?

What kind of work do they currently do?

Are they achieving success at their chosen work? Do they like it? Are they working full time? Part Time?

What prompted them to answer your ad?

What do they want out of a home based business?

Are they planning to do the business part time while they continue with their career or are they looking for a replacement?

Are they serious? Or just curious?

What kind of income are they looking to gain?

Are they looking for a business just for themselves? Or do they plan to go into partnership with another? A Spouse?

Once you’ve asked the questions, you must listen to the answers as part of the the sifting for gold process.


Don’t waste your time with people who are not serious. You should get a “Yes” or “No” answer to the first question. If they say yes to looking for a business opportunity continue with the questions.

If no, just say “Thank you, have a great day. Goodbye.” If Maybe. . . don’t be afraid to let them go. Maybes aren’t serious. you might test it further by telling them that you are only looking for serious people who are committed to making a good income and if they don’t know whether or not they are serious, then they are probably not what you’re looking for.

You want to find out right away if they have the time to talk. If not, you’ll want to make an appointment, stressing that they should call you if something comes up that would prevent them from keeping the appointment. Be considerate of yourself and your time. Make them considerate too.

What they are doing now can tell you a lot about their potential in your business. A person who currently holds a responsible position is more likely to take responsibility in his or her own business. Look for leadership. At the same time, you don’t want to pre-judge. Many a gold nugget has been found encased in dirt.

You don’t want to spend 30 or 40 minutes on the phone with someone only to have them say at the end that they have to talk it over with their spouse. Get that information first so that you can arrange an appointment to speak to both at the same time.

Your time is precious, don’t let anyone waste it.

Then finally, you need to separate the real gold from the fools gold


Prospecting means collecting decisions, then sorting those with potential to succeed and those without.

You don’t want to receive yeses at any cost. You only want a yes from the person who can become a leader and a teacher.

You’ll soon find yourself rejecting the nos before they have a chance to reject you because you’ll recognize those people that will require you to put extra time into them after they’ve joined, only to find them falling away in the end anyway.

Once you become adept with the 4 step system, you’ll begin to attract the golden people you seek. They will recognize you as a leader and want to follow you and learn to become leaders too.

Remember, it’s easy as 1-2-3-4. — Find, Ask, Listen, Sort.

Gloria Reibin is the owner of Advantage E-Com

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